2012 Energy: Message from Mother Mary

Welcome to Channel Mary – I want to share with you a message from Mother Mary about the 2012 energy and “Are we there yet?”

2012 Energy – Message from Mother Mary

Well good evening to any and all of you that are listening tonight and hello to any of you that are listening in another time. I want to tell you very clearly the answer to “2012 Energy: Are we there yet?” is yes, no, and maybe.

The Yes of 2012 Energy

I know it seems a little odd to answer in that way but it’s absolutely the only accurate answer about the 2012 energy. Yes, we are there in the sense that much of the realms of light that will be your experience more and more are in place. They are no longer simply completely out of the galaxy. They are actually living webs of light and energy that are able to be accessed and resourced by all of you that feel to do it and choose to do it and are happy and willing to do it. So that’s the yes to us being in the 2012 energy.

2012 Energy: No?

Now, the no, in the physical world, the numbers of people that have become so rigid, frozen, frightened and reactive have created a kind of gridlock congestion. And of course, this would also be true for some of those that are listening right now. But even more so in the world – I mean one very tiny example just to show you is that the US can’t even agree on the budget. And so, in a sense, the US right now is out of time and out of money. So the gridlock is not allowing what could have been a beautiful easy solution to flow through because so many are locked, resistant, angry, righteous, etc.

2012 Energy: Maybe?

Now, in the middle ground of the 2012 energy, the answer is maybe. And what that means is that you have the capacity and yet not perhaps enough experience, not perhaps enough training to access the yes world, what is here, the rainbow world, if you will, while still allowing yourself to address the no world, that is the resistant, congested areas for you and your life while dwelling in this kind of in between place of maybe. And what the maybe does require is an attitude of at least some openness, an attitude of well perhaps it’s possible, well there might be a way, rather than going immediately to no, we’ve always done it this way, no it’s too scary, no I couldn’t get a job, no, no, no.

And so, the answer really to the question about the 2012 energy is all three and yet the fertility is in that middle ground of maybe. And so for all of you who are right now feeling discouraged, feeling distraught, feeling overwhelmed, feeling upset, I want you to know that we do understand that the current physical reality that you are trying to work through really does carry that incredibly congested, difficult, resistant, reactive energy. So no wonder it is exhausting for many of you.

And so, as nice as it would be to immediately go to the yes, we know that there’s a process involved right now of landing the energies from the yes into the maybe to then change the no. And what that will require is for each of you to begin to use what you could quite kindly call “possibility thinking.” So, rather than going immediately to fear and doubt and no, begin to allow a little crack in that congestion to say, well what if, what if, would it be possible to, what if, what if…

I recently was speaking to a lovely lady who lives overseas and she wants to move from one country to the other and right at this exact moment, she doesn’t have the money. And so, what I said to her, I couldn’t just say, well sure, just you know go away to the other country penniless. That’s not a positive answer really, because we know what the physical world is right now and we know what the yes world will be. And so I said to her kind of what I’m saying to you, “Do you think it’s possible that there is one person in the country that you want to move to, that would be interested in hiring you as their personal assistant who also happens to be multilingual?” And out of her desperation and out of her difficulty and out of her congestion, came a beautiful air of light that said, “You know, there might be one.”

And that’s how maybe begins. You move yourself out of the constraint of the physical world not by “pie in the sky”, not by just wishing for the winning lottery numbers. You change it by saying, “Is it possible that one job, one person, one man, one woman, one apartment, one house, whatever you’re looking for, could have what I need?” And when your heart can really answer yes, what you began to do is move yourself out of the constraint and the congestion of living in the “no” world to move into the arena of possibility and to say, “Well, perhaps there is just one,” because darlings, really just one is all you need.

It also means that instead of just asking for the money, so many of you are still trapped in believing that if you have a certain amount of money, everything would then change. And all you have to do is look at the winning lottery people to see where they are a year or two later, which is often even more penniless than they were before they won, because they didn’t change their thinking, they didn’t change their consciousness, and most importantly, they didn’t change their energy.

And so, what’s going to be so important for 2012 energy is don’t keep asking for the money. Ask for the connection, the person, the place, the opportunity, the vision, because that is what will take you out of that old linear world into this realm of quantum light in which anything is possible and from which you can then meet and connect with the energies of the “yes” world and therefore move more and more into that stream of co-creation and possibilities and light and love, and therefore no longer be stuck in the mud of the “no” world.

So again to review…

2012 Energy: are we there yet? Yes, maybe, and no…

And so, for those of you who have felt that the “no” was strangling you and drowning you, please, please, please, begin to think in terms of maybe because that’s the next step you can take and with that energy, you can begin to fuel the possibilities, the energy of who you are and what you came to be and do and then you can move into it more and more, but simply sitting in the “no” and asking for the money to show up will not work.

And so, I really beg of all of you, stop blaming the economy, blaming each other, blaming your spouse or whatever, blaming your boss. They’re locked too or else they would have already exited into the “maybe” or the “yes.”

It’s for you to take the time and the conscientiousness to say, “What is the maybe that I need right now to help me move from this dilemma, from this stuckness, from this position that I’m in so I can more and more connect now with all of the energies of yes that are living in your planetary sphere and yet have not fully landed. So the answer for today is the juice is in the “maybe.”

We hope this message from Mother Mary has helped you in understanding the 2012 energy and what you can do now.

Peace & Blessings,
2012 Energy Message from Mother Mary and Samarah

p.s.  Samarah & Mother Mary can assist you through private sessions on your soul’s journey and help in navigating the 2012 Energy.


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