My life has been a journey of discovery. Born in the Midwest, our family moved every two or three years breezing through fourteen states and twenty-two residences including short stints in Brazil and Canada. I learned to rely on myself rather than any sense of community or connection with a place. I had to find consistency and comfort inside as the ever-changing panorama of places did little to instill a sense of belonging.

From my earliest moments I could hear the angels and guides talking to me. It was much like an ever-present radio sometimes soft, other times louder, yet always available if I would tune in and take some time. They were my constant. These beings were my friends and my companions and guides and teachers. Their love was a blanket of soft delight and clarity for me.

The “real” world didn’t make any sense to me. Why were people so angry and miserable? Why did people compete and get angry and feel jealousy? I withdrew into my own safe and sacred world for a long long time, trying to find peace and balance.

Fast forward to adulthood and I found a career first as a high school English teacher and then as a Real Estate Broker…and always I still felt like there was an inner world and an outer world and I much preferred the sweet solace of the inner world.

My training and studies ranged far and wide as I worked to narrow the gap between these two realms. I became a Usui Reiki Master, studied with a variety of spiritual teachers like Ram Dass and Wayne Dyer, and read hundreds of books. One of the most meaningful and helpful courses for me was Psychodrama, a field of psychology developed by J.L. Moreno in which group dynamics and drama are used to explore and heal traumas and dysfunctional patterns. There I discovered in the kinesthetic approach, a melding of my inner and outer worlds and the common ground of Spirit in all. I became a certified Director of Psychodrama in 1979.

For the last twenty-five years I have continued to combine my education in Mystical ways with my teaching and real estate. I assist people in finding balance and joy in the “real” world as they explore and find inspiration and direction from their inner knowing and their connection to Source. I offer private sessions, group experiences, retreats, recordings, and a variety of classes and workshops.

For the last eleven years I have also been channeling the loving wisdom of Divine Mother Mary and other Masters from the Realms of Light. I have traveled internationally as an ordained Madonna Minister, channeling Mother Mary at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, amidst the trees and green of Scotland’s Findhorn and at gatherings large and small from Maine to California. Everywhere I go, Mother Mary’s wisdom brings comfort and perspective from the Sacred Realms to illuminate and enrich our human journey. Now, at last my worlds are One.

Peace & Blessings,


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