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May 5th Radio Show from Hilton Head, SC

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“Divine Feminine Healing and Consecration”

Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary, along with the energy of Gaia speak about what we can each do to heal and liberate the divine feminine. In the stories of the past, Mary was branded a harlot and Mother Mary was said to have been a virgin. What does that say about our sexuality and being a woman?

Here in Hilton Head, by the peaceful and beautiful Atlantic Ocean, we have gathered to heal and celebrate the divine in each of us. Tune in for a chance to hear our stories and some suggestions about how we can truly live as powerful, sensual, sexual, expressive beings.

We have special guests Janie Gatlin and Rona French.

Tune In with Mother Mary, The Masters, Janie Gatlin & Rona French!

SUNDAY – MAY 5, 2013

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Host Samarah is an internationally known channel for Mother Mother. She communicates Mary’s wisdom, offering the divine feminine perspective on everything from global issues to family dynamics. Call-in’s are welcome as Mother Mary’s humor and sage advice will help you to enrich your own human journey.

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Looking forward to connecting with you on Sunday’s show!

Love & Blessings To All,

Samarah of the White Star Nation

Co-Create A New World of Love and Compassion

Dear Family of Light — It is sometimes lonely working to create a new world of love and compassion; a world not built on greed and domination. We often have to buck the tide of negativity and the patterns of congestion of “how it has always been done.” The Divine Feminine Light of love and strength and wisdom has yet to be fully honored and cherished.

Many of us go about our lives without much praise or thanks for the love that we offer or the gifts that we share. I believe that is beginning to change as the world tires of “business as usual.” I know that I look for opportunities to celebrate and share the achievements that are making headway and the men and women who are choosing “the road less traveled.”

Ram Dass Love and Compassion

This morning I watched CBS This Morning, as I often do on Sundays where they share true stories some of which are often inspirational. This morning (July 8th) the show featured a woman named Luma Mufleh who arrived in this country as a refugee from Jordan. She had gone on to succeed and was working at a normal job in Atlanta, GA when one day she took a “wrong turn” and wound up in a neighborhood she was not familiar with. There she saw some children playing soccer with a home made ball, stones for goals, and no shoes. Back in Jordon, Luma had played soccer and her heart was touched to see these children who in her words “did not look like Americans” playing with so little support.

Luma helps create a new world for these children…

The next day she came back with a real soccer ball and began to play with the kids. Soon she was their coach; then teams and competitions were formed. The more she worked with them, new possibilities emerged. Together they began to create a cohesive community out of these disparate refugee children from 28 different countries that had been relocated to Clarkson, GA.

Speak The Truth - Co-Create A New WorldLuma’s wrong turn became a life changing moment in helping create a new world, perhaps like Gandhi being thrown off the train despite having paid for his first class ticket. Now Luma has made this her life’s work and is busy fundraising to create a model for educating immigrants on the 17 acre parcel she has bought. She has created a 5013C to support this work as she does not accept any government funding. Her website is and I encourage anyone who needs a little loving inspiration to go online and see the difference that one person following her passion and her inner sense of justice can create.

On July 22 I will be visiting the Statue of Liberty with my dear friend Denine Savage ( where we have been guided to bring our love and commitment to celebrate Lady Liberty, the Divine Feminine welcoming us all. In these times of challenge and change, I believe we are being summoned to take up the torch of freedom and justice and in whatever ways we are guided to speak up and to stand up for what we believe.

Join Us on 7/22/2012 to Co-Create a New World

We can no longer abdicate our responsibility or ignore what these times are asking of us. I would like to invite all of us on 7/22/2012 to say a prayer and then to take a step by looking at our world and committing time or money to a cause you believe in. As Mother Teresa reminded us, “Prayer without action is no prayer at all.” I will be sending a monthly tithe to Luma Mufleh who for the last six years has taken her “wrong turn” and consecrated it into love in action.

I welcome your sharing of what actions you may have been inspired to take.

Much Love and Many Blessings as
We Co-Create a New World,

Co-Create A New World with Samarah & Mother Mary

©2012, All Rights Reserved

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