Create and Maintain Earth Altar or Apachete

In honor of Earth Day this is my backyard earth altar / apachete in Chandler, AZ.

Earth Altar / Apachete

What if we decided to become Earth restorers and keepers so that the rifts and devastation and explosive energies currently causing such challenges and mirroring our own rifts and explosive and divisive energies could be calmed and blessed and harmonized?

What would change? How would we feel? Can this be one practice that brings us together rather than dividing us by race and religion and belief?

The Huichol Indians that are native to much of Mexico as well as some indigenous tribes of South America believed that by creating apachetes ( earth altars ) they could communicate with each other and with the earth across many miles. They would feel out what we would know as ley lines and pile up stones that could be as tall as five feet or as small as what might first look like simply a small pile of rocks. They would then activate the portal using ceremonies designed to “open” the apachete. Periodically, they would attend to the apachete by adding more rocks or by pouring water over the rocks or adding feathers and other sacred stones and objects.

If you imagine your favorite type of altar in a church and the reverence with which the priest or rabbi or church leader brings clean water or a special cloth or candles, you can feel into what caring for an apachete “earth altar” might be like for you.

In the last few years I have become very aware of the significance of this practice and have built many of them with my Manna Reiki classes and with friends. I was introduced to apachetes by my dear friend and Earth Keeper, Denine Savage.

Building each apachete or earth altar has been a holy encounter with Mother Earth and the beings that are inherent in all of the life that grows and lives on this earth. One listens during the process and feels which stone or crystal wants to go where. There is a kind of meditative communication that takes place as the energies find the balance and as we allow ourselves to be the receivers and to respond to their requests.

Sometimes we have built them in desolate areas, where no one has cared for the land and where we left them as a kind of prayer and asked for forgiveness.
Often, we used the Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono where four simple phrases are offered with respect and deep connection:

  1. “I am sorry.
  2. Please forgive me.
  3. Thank you and
  4. I love you.”

These statements with your intention can be so powerful and have a profound effect.

Samarah selecting stones of every type & color to represent our diversity!

I recently offered a Manna Reiki class on the border of AZ and CA where we stayed right on the Colorado River. During that time we visited the gem and mineral show in Quartzite where I purchased some tumbled stones that I knew would be part of the earth altar apachetes I hoped that many of us would build around the USA and places yet to come. We took the stones, along with some other geodes and crystals to a place called The Integratron, which is a special geodesic dome, built in the 1950’s in Landers CA. There the unique geometry of the dome focuses and amplifies sound and energy. There were three of us that were treated to a forty five minute sound bath in the upper dome where we and the stones and crystals that we brought, received the harmonizing sounds offered by the pure quartz signing bowls that were played for us. Each of the stones was bathed in that energy.

Apachete / Earth Altar Stones After Sound BathStones after sound bath!

Now I am inviting each person who feels called to take a stone from this harmonized and blessed energy and incorporate it into an earth altar apachete that you create or add it to one you already have. Then, I would love to have you take a picture of it and email it to me. We are going to have a ceremony of activation and connection for all of these apachetes to correspond with a global meditation in October of 2013.

I have 144 stones to share and would love to know that by October of 2013 there will be 144 locations that house and love these emissaries of the earth. If you will email me with your commitment to build one, I will send you a stone. For those of you that have groups of friends that choose to become involved, let me know how many and I will send them to you for distribution.

I believe that we have been given so much by the Earth and now it is time to let her know that we love and honor and respect her, and we now choose to comfort and care for her. This will also be a chance to connect with many other Earth Keepers and to know that we are in service to each other and to the harmonizing and blessing of our Sacred Lands and Seas.

Message from White Cloud

Manifesting the Miraculous suggestion: We were given a message by White Cloud about the power of sound and how right now our bodies are shifting and the usual forms of nutrition are not giving us what we need. He strongly suggested that we utilize sound in the form of chanting, toning, and music to recalibrate and feed our bodies as we shift more and more into our light bodies. *If you would like to join us, contact Samarah and you can order the previous recordings and catch up with the group.)

I found it so fascinating that we would be told this about sound when we had just made that special trip to the Integratron for a sound bath!

I am still doing private sessions if you would like to have Manna Reiki or Mother Mary and the Masters visit your town be sure to let us know!

Be well and keep listening to the sounds of love that can assist you to stay harmonized and blessed!

Love and Blessings to All,

Samarah of the White Star Nation