Know Who You Are and Be The Light

Be The Light ~ Mother Mary Speaks

I greet you my dear ones from the Realms of Light. I speak to you this day of freedom and justice, challenge and change, choice and creation. Here in this time of chaos and deliverance, you are being challenged to question and to clarify who you are and what you came to do. Our beloved Jesus told his followers, “render onto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and render onto God that which is God’s.”

That was not understood by many of the times and yet what I say to you is that you have made Caesar your King and your standard and your way of living and choosing. You say I have to do this or I will lose my job. I have to ignore what I know to be the wrongs around me or people will reject me and I will have no friends. I have to shut up and be quiet or… for all of you now I say, do not give your soul to Caesar for he will not cradle it with tenderness or mercy.

Many of you are accustomed to my tenderness and compassion and I have not abandoned them nor have I abandoned you. Yet in this hour I must also speak with the courage and strength of what is called for in these times.

I must ask you some difficult questions:

  • Have you ignored and abdicated your own knowing?
  • Are you living with the courage of your convictions?
  • Are you sharing the love and delight of your heart?
  • Are you happy with who you are and how you live?

I remind you now of what it is that God asks of you. God asks of you to be what you are for you are “made in the image and likeness of God.” What does that mean? It means you came to see and feel and know and be the Light you are made of.

Know and Be The Light

Statue of Liberty - Be The LightIt means you came to explore and express the gifts that were given to you. It means you came to leave your legacy of light through the love that you offer each day to this world and to those who travel this journey with you.

It is time for courage dear ones. It is time to stand as does the Statue of Liberty, holding high the torch of freedom welcoming all to a land of justice and promise. It is time for each of you to find the voice of freedom and be the light of love that you are and to share it joyfully and freely in this new world of promise.

Many years ago 2012-2016 were the years that we showed to Martin Luther King before he was killed. He told the world “I have been to the mountain top and I have seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you, but we as a people will get there.” He marveled to see a black President and democracies where dictatorships had been. He knew that this time could truly bring peace for all.

Each of you is a part of creating this new tapestry of the Promised Land. Your heart, your love, your gifts, your energies are the energies of light to create the rainbow land that is meant to be.

Take a breath, take a step, be the light you came to be. It is time and I am with you.

Be The Light My Dear OnesBe The Light My Dear Ones,

Blessed Mother Mary through Samarah
©2012, All Rights Reserved

*Samarah is available for private sessions and coaching for those going thru challenges and/or redirection. Share with us what steps you are taking to “be the light” in creating our rainbow land.

The Alchemy of Light

What is the Alchemy of Light?

In the beginning was the word. When God said, “Let there be Light”; there was a transmission of holiness and oneness that became a physical form. This Light could exist in the earth world as a force and a stream that held and carried the frequency of God/Goddess/All that is.

Antares-Alchemy of Light

That light would be a kind of guidance system to assist those who chose incarnation to remember where they came from and who they truly were. It would be a reminder of Home and Wholeness and a path of golden urgings and whispers like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs that all could follow to find their way.

And so the game of forgetting and remembering began.

Throughout our history, there have been very dark periods of forgetting the light. The pursuit of personal gain and the accompanying abuses of power have left us a planet and a population exhausted and depleted and often dissolute. It is now time to remember and find again the path of light and the particles of light that form our soul’s breadcrumb trail back to our true power and the destiny of light we came to create.

How can light transform the darkness in our own beings and in the world?

I believe it is a process of bringing things “to light.” We have allowed ourselves to be deceived and misled and sold into a kind of “coco-coma” as Andrew Harvey calls it. We eat what has been processed beyond any nutritional value and then wonder why we are still hungry. So we eat more and more and now obesity is rampant and we are still hungry.

Our physical body is a miraculous creation that uses a kind of alchemy that can transform food into new cells and fuel us with energy and life force. How many people today complain of chronic fatigue and can barely make it home to dinner and the dulling opiate of television or the internet? Where does our life force go and how can we change the equation so that we again are blossoming and thriving rather than fading and dying?

As within; so without. It is time to really notice what we are putting into our bodies and to choose what creates vibrant health and strength.

Our mental bodies are suffering as well from the demeaning early conditioning of not being good enough or smart enough or pretty enough. Turn on the TV or the internet and look at what is touted as success. We have glorified multimillion dollar athletes who beat their wives or trade them in for younger models; we admire tycoons that have made their millions on the backs of others; and we idolize starlets whose bodies have been shaped by surgery and whose eating disorders and addiction regularly land them in rehab.

Money, power and a false kind of cosmetic beauty are the models we see as society’s badges of success. How can the average person compete with that? And that too is the issue: The model is of competition and winners being on top of someone else. We have glorified the conqueror and the martyr. It is now time to understand and choose a new model of success and a new model of leadership based on the interrelatedness of all life. Thus the model must be of balance and synthesis and co creation.

The Native peoples’ tenet of seven generations gives us a direction and invites us to look ahead to how our choices will effect the next seven generations. Too bad Wall Street did not consult with Chief Seattle and Exxon / Mobil does not believe that what we do to the Earth has dire consequences for us all.

Still, even seven generations is not comprehensive enough.

The idea of a cooperative model has not yet been seen as successful, but has often been dismissed as a kind of surrender, or at its best a watered down version of what everyone would like and yet the result is often a compromise that leaves everyone wanting.

The emotional body then holds all of the disappointment and shame of not living up to whatever the idea of success that has been imposed on us would be. We carry the patterns of betrayal and conciliation and then we do not dare to speak up or ask for something different. We try to “make the best of it” “keep a stiff upper lip”. We tell ourselves that lots of others are much worse off until we have locked away our essence and our power and then we shrug our shoulders and reach for the remote or the keyboard or the cocktail.

Our spiritual body holds the key. Therein lies our genius and our divine design and here dwells the joy and purity of our innocence, along with the power and truth of our wisdom. This is the seat of our soul and the place Jesus spoke of when he said, “Know ye the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

Within our spiritual being is the true GPS of who we are and what we came to be. The challenge for all of us now is to bring Light to this part of us. The difficulty is that like the pearl inside the oyster, we have to find our way through the lies that have deceived our mental body, through the hurts that have wounded our emotional bodies, and heal the scars and dysfunctions of our physical bodies so that the light of our spirit can nourish and guide us and keep all of our bodies happily in balance.

Once we have changed our way of being, we still have to deal with the rest of the world. We can find like minded others to support and mirror back to us loving and affirming choices. Yet we still live in a world where many have yet to do this healing.

Thus, we will continue to be offered opportunities to respond in new ways to their desires and opinions that could be destructive to our well being.

So how do we begin and how do we continue and are we ever done?

I believe the first step is to begin with that first command, “Let there be light.” What this means to each of us is to choose to bring to light and to see clearly who we are, what we have believed, what we have been taught or told that was not true, and to begin to see ourselves as the light of God housed in the vessel of our body. We can call upon the template of our perfection and begin to affirm and make choices that demonstrate who we truly are.

Sacred art, soul stirring music, nature, dance, prayer, communion, service, animals, children, play… there are many paths to find the light and to feel it pouring thru. So we begin the journey when we say “Let there by Light” and then follow the flashes of light that we see or feel or notice.

When Mother Mary put out the call of Manna Reiki, I knew it was a soul call for those who would come to experience and share their Light. Those who came and those who keep coming have already made the commitment to find and follow their own path of light.

Manna Reiki creates a chalice and a community to strengthen that process. As we gather, the light that we each bring is strengthened and enhanced by the light of others. Like candles on a birthday cake, we each shine forth and the brilliance of so many gathered together brings more light to us all.

It is time to not only know our light; it is time to live our light; for that is the path to grace and to a world, illuminated. It is the vision that can guide us and stream through us into the actions and choices that support our vision of a healed, healthy world where there is a place at the table for everyone.

So as we approach the dawn of 2012, I say, “Let there be Light for you, for me, for our beautiful earth, for all the galaxies and for all beings everywhere.”

Peace & Blessings,


*This Living in the Light article is co-created with Mother Mary, Archangel Michael & Metatron.