Channeling Mother Mary

What happens in a private session?

Samarah is a conscious channel. That means that she steps back and allows the energy of Mother Mary or occasionally one of your other guides or masters to come through. The information that you receive is about your soul’s journey. You may hear about past lives or current patterns that are challenging you. Mother Mary sees everything from the space of unconditional love, so there is no wrong or right, simply choice. The sessions are recorded and last for approximately 55 minutes. Your MP3 file will be emailed to you.

How do I prepare?

It is often helpful to write down the major questions that you would like to have answered. The sessions will begin with a prayer and then you will have time to ask your questions and receive the responses from Mother Mary.

It is important to understand that Mother Mary does not tell you your future. You will determine and create your future from the choices that you make.

What she will tell you are the current contracts and currents in your life and where they are leading you. She can also offer suggestions about alternatives and perceptions that may clear up confusion on your part. We are often stuck in patterns that do not serve us, and Mother Mary offers information that helps to illuminate destructive patterns so that you can make the choice to change them. The energy is incredibly powerful and loving.

What do sessions cost?

A telephone session is $144 and includes an MP3 digital download. You initiate the call and pay any long distance changes. A private in person session is $144 and is scheduled at Samarah’s home in Sedona, AZ, or where she is offering public sessions as she travels to other cities.

1/2 hour sessions are available for $88

How do I proceed?

First decide which session, then purchase online below. After booking your session online we will contact you to set-up your session date & time.

One Hour Session $144

1 Hour Session with Samarah and Mother Mary

1/2 Hour Session $88

1 Hour Session with Samarah and Mother Mary

If you have any questions, please call 602-722-2399 or email Samarah at

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