Effortless Creating

Effortless Creating EC3 with Mother Mary and Samarah

Join Mother Mary and Samarah for Effortless Creating

What started out as a yearlong journey to learn how to embody your divinity and radiate that through your humanity has turned into a continuing process and program.

Please listen to our “Overview” as we explain all about our EC3 program when it started in September 2010:

Through our monthly message that assists you in all of your creations we want to share with you  comments from current participants that might give you an idea of how valuable this has been:

“Start my new job Monday! Thank you for your
Effortless Creating help. It Works!”
~ C.S. in AZ

“Module 12 brought tears to my eyes as the
message touched me so deeply.”

“I have noticed my life getting easier and easier
and I feel more at peace..thank you!”

“I had not realized that I was still blocking my abundance,
now I see what I was doing and I have shifted to a pattern
of trust and openness.”

What do I receive with my Effortless Creating subscription?

You will receive a monthly audio file with specific suggestions and practices to help find what needs excavating from old beliefs and patterns and to set the stage for the new ways of being that are most fruitful for you.

You were not meant to struggle and feel downcast and depressed in this life. Learn to harness the spiritual energy of your being to power your physical being so that you are embodying your divinity.

Update: EC3 has helped our members since its start and NOW we have been guided to the next level in our new membership program Manifesting the Miraculous with Mother Mary & the Masters. Click here and step into the 5th dimension of the miraculous.

**For those who did not take the first year of Effortless Creating, you will be able to download each segment individually at your own pace. Click Here for details.

If you have any questions about our programs, Manna Reiki or private sessions please be sure to contact us.

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