Manifesting The Miraculous

Manifesting with the Masters in Kauai

Manifesting the Miraculous with
Mother Mary and the Masters

Many people have wanted to attend our Manna Reiki classes and not been able to attend due to time or distance or cost or all three. So, after consulting with Mother Mary and the team, we have created a way for anyone who truly is ready and willing to participate.

Each month you will hear from one of the Masters which will include Mother Mary, Sananda, Kwan Yin, Aleya of Venus, Mira from the Pleiades, White Cloud, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Gaia, The Arcturian Council, and others.

What will I receive with my Manifesting the Miraculous monthly subscription:

  • A recorded message from a different Master delivered to your inbox;
  • An assignment that will clarify and consecrate the energy into your life;
  • A Live Conference Call (led by that month’s Master) to share and to get support and to clarify any challenges that you are facing.
  • Private Facebook Group – where we can connect and share our journey.

I am so excited to offer this new program for 2013 to assist each of us to download and ground the miraculous fifth dimensional energies that have been streaming forth for us to feel and choose and learn to put into our “everyday” lives.

As always, I have asked what the correct amount for this exchange is and the answer was $33 per month. And as always, I will be tithing 10% to a cause that is in our new cocreative model like or or others that are suggested. Working together, we will live the new model of abundance that has been so elusive for far too long.

So, if you are ready to release the limitations of the past and step into the 5th dimension of the Miraculous, please join a group of dedicated souls in our new program!

“Start my new job Monday! Thank you for your
Effortless Creating help. It Works!”
~ C.S. in AZ

“Module 12 brought tears to my eyes as the
message touched me so deeply.”

“I have noticed my life getting easier and easier
and I feel more at peace…thank you!”

“I had not realized that I was still blocking my abundance,
now I see what I was doing and I have shifted to a pattern
of trust and openness.”


Special BonusAs a special bonus for subscribing you will receive  “Mother Mary On Money”– a very Enlightening Audio on currency and how to tap into this!


Step Into the 5th Dimension of the Miraculous…

We have 2 choices below… just click the right choice for you and join us for an extraordinary journey:

$18 a month for 1 person

Order Manifesting the Miraculous Monthly Subscription

$33 a month for 2 persons

Order Manifesting the Miraculous Monthly Subscription

If you have any questions about our Manifesting the Miraculous with Mother Mary and the Masters program, Manna Reiki or private sessions please be sure to contact us.

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