My Journey with Reiki

One of the things that I learned in my journey with Reiki is that you don’t choose Reiki; it chooses you. At least that is what happened for me. I had several friends that were involved with Reiki and one friend who was a Reiki Master Teacher. But, I was a writer and a realtor and never considered myself to be a healer.

I thought only healers would take Reiki.

Besides, it seemed a little too hard to believe that you could heal someone just by the laying on of hands. One day, as I was struggling to balance my life in the practical world with all of my spiritual beliefs, I just felt that Reiki might help me to have more clarity. I wanted to feel God in a more tangible and closer way and I thought that if I allowed this healing touch to flow through me, I could literally “feel” God. So, I signed up for Reiki 1, certain that it would be just this one class for me.

There in that quiet room, as my Reiki Master touched my head and my hands and attuned me to this amazing healing light, I discovered a force and a peace that has changed and filled my life. I had often felt the presence of angels around me and could hear voices of masters and teachers, but I had never “felt” them in my body. Now, as this powerful loving light flowed through me, it was as if all of the arteries and veins that carried my blood now sang the song s of these angels and guides.

I knew then that Reiki was for me and that if I could feel this, anyone healer or heathen, who chose to open to it, could feel it as well.

What I learned in that first class is that we are all capable of healing touch. We are all connected to Spirit/God/Goddess.

We are all capable of miraculous experiences. Our daily life does not often support the idea of us as co-creators with God. Nonetheless, that is our destiny.

I believe that when we choose to say “yes”, our healing energy is awakened. First, Reiki flows through us like liquid love to bring healing and comfort to mind, body and spirit. Then, we can also use Reiki to relieve those around us who are in pain.

Thus, I decided to continue and take Reiki 2 and 3 and ultimately did a yearlong apprenticeship to become a Reiki Master Teacher. During my year, I assisted in teaching many classes and traveled to France and Germany and Switzerland to assist in the Reiki classes offered there as well. Everywhere I found people opening to this force of light and to the God given powers that we all share.

I now offer classes and Reiki apprenticeships so that all who choose to find healing and comfort in this way can have it for themselves and for others in their lives.

Reiki has brought me much joy and great comfort.

Today my life is dedicated to sharing paths of light that have blessed me. One of the most profound is Reiki. In a world of challenge and change, there is a consistency and a constancy of this blessing that illuminates all that I do and that I can offer to myself and to those who are in pain.

Manna Reiki is overseen by 3 Divine Masters and has been brought to me through them. You can see all the details about Manna Reiki Initiations on our site.

If Reiki or Manna Reiki calls to you and you choose to open the door, I hope that it blesses your life as it has blessed mine.

With Love & Joy,


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