Mother Mary’s Message of Light for Spring, 2012

With the coming of new light and new blossoms, know that struggle is no longer required.

For many of you these past years have required diligence and devotion and a steady effort to stay on the path you had chosen. Throughout the last six months, much has been uplifted by new light and still there will be more as that which has been obscured and held secret is lifted into the light of clarity and truth.

I invite you now to adjust the pace and the energetics that had served you so well for so long. Struggle can now truly be replaced by a kind of joyous opening to what is. If it is raining, rejoice at the renewal. If the sun shines, rejoice in the warmth and light. If you have lost a job or a friend or a lover, say goodbye and God speed. Open to the new space that can now allow for a match that better suits you.

Child of Light and Joy

There is a new atmosphere, a rarified space that many call “grace” that fills your atmosphere and would enter your field with your permission and readiness. What is needed is the innocent welcome of a child to all that enters your field. If it seems to be something that you did not ask for or desire, examine it closely for these new gifts may come in strange wrappings. Your soul is now able to access and receive all that is for your highest good and that is what is showing up for each of you now.

I hear your protests. How can THIS really be for my highest good? I tell you that all that has arrived has been a special delivery package with your address. Now it is to find the gift in what has been offered. Open with innocence and curiosity to see what the angels have delivered. Ask your dear friends for what they see if you still cannot fathom what this could mean.

Acceptance and peace can replace struggle if you simply know that all is in divine order and that now is the time to heal whatever patterns of doubt and self negation have held you imprisoned.

To heal the original wound that led to feelings of unworthiness and separation, you must find again your original joy and dance with abandon in the fields of light that will fill you and surround you when you know again the truth that will set you free. The truth is quite simple.

You are made of God. You are made of light and love.

Grace can fill your life as you simply let go of all other identifications and restrictions.

“I am…” Begin each sentence of your new identity with those two words followed by words that exalt and express the truth of YOU. It is time for the New World to be co created by beings who KNOW: as within so without; as above, so below.

If you would have a world of peace and light and love and community…let your own being identify and express each of those qualities with ease and joy and celebration! No more “Buts”; No more “excuses”; No more stories of how you cannot or should not or how you tried that four times or five years ago. Do not permit limiting thoughts that come from fears and from the past patterns and conditioning.

You have entered a rarified field potent with potential for new creations and expressions. Dare to dream and then dare to do. Do it with love and joy and compassion and with the strength and innocence of the full hearted commitment to be YOU.

Adding to the fertility of your dreams is the energy of others who will join with you in sharing your vision and your desires and choices. This is the decade that will again illustrate the power of commitments that join like minded people in visionary actions. One plus One plus One plus One into the Billions can alter this world in the power and passion of Co creating Heaven on Earth.

Dream well dear ones, dream well. And then do what you feel called to do. Do it with innocence and joy. Do it with wisdom and clarity. Share who you are and what you believe and ask for help and give it…It is time and we are with you!

Love & Blessings,

Mother Mary through Samarah
©2012, All Rights Reserved

p.s. Samarah & Mother Mary can assist you through private sessions and her Manna Reiki classes on opening to and allowing the light, joy and grace to enter your field.

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