Manna Reiki

Samarah and the Masters Invite You to Experience
White Star Manna Reiki
White Star Manna Reiki
What new glory might we each embody if we activate our Soul Star Chakra
and invite the Star Energies to Transform and Transmute our cells?

White Star Manna Reiki is the latest offering given to Samarah by the Ascended Masters and Star Beings. Building on the foundation of Usui Reiki which activates the light body and allows for the transmission of light; Manna Reiki deepens the alignment of your head, heart and hands, through the energies of Mother Mary and Archangels Michael and Metatron.

Until now, Samarah has only offered the Star Body alignment as a personal retreat in Sedona. This new workshop allows for the Star Connection to be made, infusing the Reiki filled light body with the Star Energies as the Soul Star Chakra is opened.

The weekend event combines practices and experiences with messages and attunements and will be held:

Erin, Canada  (Near Toronto)
September 5th-6th, 2015

Contact Jill Rogers  or 519-833-0851

Newburyport, MA (Near Boston)
September 12th-13th, 2015

Contact Dee Furciniti or 978-302-5336

The tuition for the weekend Saturday 10a-5p and Sunday 10a-3p is $333.
(Payment plans and Paypal available)


Class Participants
January White Star Manna Reiki group celebrating
at a sacred site in the Sedona area

One testimonial from a recent participant:

As a recovering psychologist, student of metaphysics, and passionate seeker of spiritual truth I have attended my fair share of workshops.

Samarah’s workshops are pure magic and in a class by themselves.

Everything flows with the effortless grace and perfection that defines her .Not only because she is so gifted that she could read the phone book and have it be a deeply mystical experience-but also because the people she attracts have absolute integrity, generosity of spirit, are gifted healers in their own right and a joy to be with.

The combo platter is amazing. . You will walk in and fly out. So please give yourself this gift. GO! I promise you – you will be grateful.

~Respectfully Barbara Glazier-Robinson PhD


Manna Reiki A ReUnion of Souls

Manna Reiki is a joining of the head, heart and hands so that the energy of love and healing can flow directly into everything that is touched.

Manna Reiki is overseen by three Divine Masters:

  • Archangel Metatron– aligns the head with divine will and divine peace to heal negativity, lack and self denial;
  • Mother Mary – fills the heart with infinite love and heals the heart of pain and separation;
  • Archangel Michael – helps us take action with courage and commitment, releasing the bonds of apathy and self-pity.

Manna Reiki offers each participant the opportunity to experience Reiki as an inner alignment, thus allowing the full activation and consecration of what each soul has come to share. It is an energy that you will feel “called to” if it is for your highest good.

Manna Reiki Class

Manna Reiki Class Photo

Manna Reiki

Reiki Master & Messenger for the Blessed Mother Mary

Samarah Manna ReikiSamarah Grace is a traditional Usui Reiki Master with more than fifteen years experience. She has also studied and been initiated as a Master of Karuna Reiki and Ascension Reiki.

For the last eleven years she has also been channeling the loving wisdom of Divine Mother Mary and other Masters from the Realms of Light.

She has traveled internationally as an ordained Madonna Minister, channeling Mother Mary at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, amidst the trees and green of Scotland’s Findhorn and at gatherings large and small from Maine to California.

Samarah was given this new protocol of Manna Reiki by Mother Mary in 2010.

Please contact us for more information on Manna Reiki and how we can bring Manna Reiki to your hometown.

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