Power of Love — Allowing your Heart to Lead

Dear Beloveds – This is a summons my dear ones, a summons to a new kind of love that is being birthed.

It is first and foremost a love that has no strings attached.

It is a love for yourself and others as YOU ARE and as THEY ARE. There is no need for BUT in this equation.  For those of you who feel that you know best how the world should look and how all should act, I ask of you to put down that way of evaluating and to come again to a child’s open hearted view.

Child of Light, Love and Joy

See all through the eyes of love and I promise you the world will be transformed to match your vision.

What must be laid to rest are all of the “That is the way we have always done it.” “There is no money in that.” “What will my family or my friends or my boss or so and so think of that?”

In other words it is time to challenge yourselves to a world that is not fixed and regulated by the word “BUT!”

Whatever you have in your life right now: Whoever you have in your life right now; open to the possibility that this is your creation and that you can now allow all to be bathed in the light of new love. If you do not like some aspects of your self, ask what is it that this part of me would need to come into alignment with the most loving way of being?

You cannot push away what you do not want for it will resist and you will be in a perpetual tug of war. Instead, ask, what would love do here? Then do it. Then do it again. Then do it again.

For the first time we can now create a world modeled on the power of love rather than the love of power.

The game of blame does not create a world you would cherish. The anger or sorrow you may feel must now be transformed and lead to the choices that create what you DO feel and know is right for you.

All of you have been receiving hints and visions and ideas and inspiration for months and years now. Many of you have acted upon these and found your lives the richer for allowing your heart to lead. Now it is time to step even further into the artist’s way of creating. Pick up your paints, your crayons, your musical instruments, and your expression of YOU and paint more life, more color, and more joy into your life.

I have told you many times that your Presence is your Present. Let your presence radiate the brightest YOU and universal law will then show you AS Within so Without.

You will dwell in a world that is now radiant with love.

Be the PEACE my Dear Ones, Be the Peace,

Mother Mary through Samarah

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