Star Body Activation

5th Dimension Star Body ActivationNEWEST TECHNOLOGY FOR

Star Body Activation with
Samarah and the Masters

Assisted by the Star Beings of the
Galactic Council

What is it? This is a personalized experience with Samarah in which you receive five attunements to accelerate and enhance the experience of living in your star/light body. There are five attunements to correspond with the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and Spirit. We are each struggling with one or more of these elements and what these attunements do is get all of these aspects aligned to the same frequency; the “I Am Presence” which is your soul’s full integrity and that which is in divine order for your highest good and greatest joy.

Melchizedek Galactic Council

How is it done? You come to Sedona and stay with Samarah at her home for four days and three nights. We will be guided to special locations in the Sedona/Verde Valley area where each of the attunements will take place. There will also be time for exploration and quiet times for reflection and journaling. The experience is designed for YOU to assist you in whatever challenges or difficulties you may be experiencing in trusting and accommodating the unfolding of YOU.

How much does it cost? The tuition and private room for three nights is $777. Travel, food and incidentals are extra. You travel to the Sedona area by flying into Phoenix and taking a shuttle up to Cottonwood where I will pick you up. There are two shuttle companies you can use ( or You will not need a car during your stay. When your experience is complete, I can bring you back to the shuttle or if you decide to stay longer, I will take you to the car rental company.

Your investment $777.00 

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Listen to what the Galactic Council offered about this on our radio show… Just push the play button!

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