Sweet Manna – Spring 2015

Sweet Manna

Spring 2015

Message from Mother Mary
My Beloveds,

What can I offer that will lift your eyes and touch your troubled hearts? I bring you forgiveness and sweet manna to remind you that you are precious and perfect in the eyes of God. I remind you that there is no “sin” or error you have ever chosen that would diminish our love for you. I come to remind you that this earthly experience is a journey where you are destined to find and share grace. The secret is to hear the soft voice of your heart, to trust your own knowing, and to find joy in sharing your gifts in this world.

God said, “Let there be Light” and I say unto you, you are each a vital part of the light of this world. Shine brightly my beloveds. Light this world with your brilliance and your joy. Dance this new dance for all to see. It is time and I am with you.

Blessed Mother Mary through Samarah

Mother Mary

Letter from Samarah
I believe that more than ever before, this is the year for each of us to create a life that is CONGRUENT with our values. For me, this has meant divesting myself of the three rental properties that I still owned. The first one I listed on 2/2 and got an offer on 2/5 and it closed on 2/27. Whew!

The second one is a short sale (meaning it requires the lender’s approval since it is being sold for less than what is owed.) I had to evict the tenant who was not paying so I hired an attorney, went thru the process and continued to send light to the tenant and his family that they would leave without my needing to call the sheriff at the final hour who would put their things on the street. In the end, he left peacefully. I listed that house 2/2 but no one could see it until he was out. I got an offer on 2/19 and we are awaiting the approval of the bank.

The third one has a longtime wonderful tenant who is vacating at the end of March so I will be listing that on April 1. We both know it is for her highest good and yet as with so many of us, she has been dragging her feet as change is often difficult. We prefer what we know to the next thing no matter what blessings might come.

After thirty years as a Realtor, I am nearly done with that role. And yet, just when I felt ready to hand my license back in, I heard, “It would be good to keep your license and move it near where you now live.” I was shocked and yet I have come to trust the whispers and voices that guide me, so who knows what might occur from that. Perhaps I am meant to help just one more person or meet someone. I will keep you posted.

I do feel lighter already from having the first of the three closed. I have also begun the process to legally change my name. Many of you that have known me throughout the years have seen me use Sarah before I became Samarah. You also might have noticed that as new streams of light were revealed to me, I would use them as my last name.

I have been Samarah Delphyne (From the oracle of Delphi and the Dolphins.) I have been Samarah Leia (From Lemuria and Hawaii.) I have been Samarah White Star (From the Galactic Counsel). After much soul searching and integrating each of those lineages of light and consulting with Mother Mary and the Masters, I have chosen Samarah Gabriel Grace to be my legal name.

For me, it feels like such an organic and congruent representation of who I am. “Samarah”, given to me by Mother Mary reflects the Divine Feminine. Gabriel, the Messenger and Brother who had come to me before I channeled Mary, represents the Divine Masculine within me, and Grace is the union of the celestial and the terrestrial or the spiritual and the physical; the numinous miracle when we recognize our divinity and the divinity in all which is the path I have committed to.

Now my name is complete and I feel so happy to be sharing it with all of you, just as I have shared each step in my journey so far. I know there is still more to come and now I feel it will be a match to the name and vibration of me.

Love and Blessings,

Samarah Gabriel Grace

New Time for Samarah’s Blog Talk Radio Show:
Mother Mary and the Masters

Mother Mary and Masters have suggested that we move to an every other week format to provide more frequent doses of love, joy, laughter and wisdom for you. You can download and listen to our new half hour format. Here are the links to the last few shows.

February 25th show click here – February 11th show click here
March 11th show click here – March 25th show click here.

Personal Sessions with Samarah,
Mother Mary and the Masters:

Despite your best efforts, are you having issues and challenges?

Samarah is still offering a few private Mother Mary sessions and coaching during 2015. Due to her increased travel schedule, the wait times are getting longer so if you would like to schedule a phone or Skype reading, contact us for available dates and times. Private phone sessions are $144 per hour and coaching is $444 for four one hour sessions.

Samarah and the Masters Invite You to Experience
White Star Manna Reiki

White Star Manna Reiki

What new glory might we each embody if we activate our Soul Star Chakra
and invite the Star Energies to Transform and Transmute our cells?

White Star Manna Reiki is the latest offering given to Samarah by the Ascended Masters and Star Beings. Building on the foundation of Usui Reiki which activates the light body and allows for the transmission of light; Manna Reiki deepens the alignment of your head, heart and hands, through the energies of Mother Mary and Archangels Michael and Metatron.

Until now, Samarah has only offered the Star Body alignment as a personal retreat in Sedona. This new workshop allows for the Star Connection to be made, infusing the Reiki filled light body with the Star Energies as the Soul Star Chakra is opened.

The weekend event combines practices and experiences with messages and attunements and will be held:

Houston TX April 18th-19th, 2015
Contact Janie at 713-857-8577

Hilton Head SC June 20th-21st, 2015
Contact Rona French at 843-342-4447

Reno, Nevada July 25th and 26th
Contact Denise Sheehan denise@sagespiritcoaching.com or 775-240-0814

Newburyport, MA August 22nd-23rd, 2015
Contact Dee Furciniti 978-302-5336

The tuition for the weekend Saturday 10a-7p and Sunday 10a-3p is $333.


Class Participants
January White Star Manna Reiki group celebrating
at a sacred site in the Sedona area

One testimonial from a recent participant:

As a recovering psychologist, student of metaphysics, and passionate seeker of spiritual truth I have attended my fair share of workshops.

Samarah’s workshops are pure magic and in a class by themselves.

Everything flows with the effortless grace and perfection that defines her .Not only because she is so gifted that she could read the phone book and have it be a deeply mystical experience-but also because the people she attracts have absolute integrity, generosity of spirit, are gifted healers in their own right and a joy to be with.

The combo platter is amazing. . You will walk in and fly out. So please give yourself this gift. GO! I promise you – you will be grateful.

~Respectfully Barbara Glazier-Robinson PhD

Offered with Love & Blessings
From Samarah Gabriel Grace

Love and Blessings

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