Sweet Manna – Summer 2015

Sweet Manna

Summer 2015

Are We There Yet?

Message from Mother Mary

Many people for whom I do sessions keep wondering why 2015 feels like such a long intense period of difficulty. Weren’t we supposed to break through after December 2012 into the New Earth?

Why are there still murders and storms, ugliness on every front, headlines full of power run amok… even a presidential candidate who made an entire country the villains calling Mexicans rapists and murderers and drug dealers?

What are we to make of all of this?

Mother Mary will share her views in the next column, and I wanted to offer mine first, as like you, I am in a human body on this difficult journey. What I have felt for the last two years and now into the third year is that the tsunami of light from 12/12/12 that I was fortunate enough to witness on the beautiful island of Kauai poured onto the planet and now all that was at the bottom of our shadow has been forced into the light for integration and healing and it is not a pretty sight!

Mother Mary

When I was growing up, my father said two things to me that have really stuck. The first was in response to my question at age 11 as to why there was still disease and suffering. Looking into my eyes with a sadness and a resignation that I did not yet understand, he said, “Follow the money.”

It took me a long time to understand how much of our world’s ills can be directly attributed to the greed and disregard of the power seeking few who willfully sacrifice the poor and the ill and the dispossessed, not to mention our planet, as long as they can reap the gains that they feel are their due. I also have to take responsibility for my silence and complacency and for so many of us who don’t know how to change or combat the powers that be.

The next bit of wisdom was offered to me by my father when I was in my early teens and moaning about why solutions that were so obvious to me seemed to be so easily ignored by others. When my brother developed polio, I made potholders and sold them door to door for twenty-five cents each or five for a dollar, certain that if enough people would help, a cure would be found. When the Salk vaccine was developed, I was certain that my contribution of $80 had made the difference.

When I asked my father why people didn’t do something about poverty or children starving or the racism that still held so many captive, my father offered his understanding: “Denial is not just a river in Egypt…”

As I offer sessions and share with friends, those two phrases keep rising up as a way to both explain what is occurring and to examine how any naiveté that we hold on to must be sacrificed in the cauldron of truth.

As our world shifts and we are threatened by the loss of power or influence, by the changes of heart of friends or family, by the aging that comes all too soon for some of us, the loss of security, the deaths of those we have loved; what is it that this year of 2015 can bring?

Know ye the truth and the truth shall set you free” offered Jesus. What is the truth in the world right now? For me, it is a call to dissolve denial and the protective cocoon that it offers. We must face the world’s woes and our own.

Somehow we must seek the light and shine it into what we have hidden both personally and globally. It is not a path for the faint of heart and yet the challenge is to say yes anyway and find the courage and the patience and the stamina to take the steps we know are ours to take.

I believe at the heart of each of us is the voice of God within that can guide us and challenge us and comfort us. I believe we are on the road home and we can reach out for a helping hand as well as offer help to those stumbling around us.

I can no longer deny my truth that I have heard the voices of the unseen realm since childhood and that as a messenger I have provided comfort and illumination and challenge to myself and to many. That may be uncomfortable for my blood family, still I must share what comes to me and through me and accept their disdain or disapproval.

Like the little boy in the children’s story of “The Emperor has No Clothes“, despite the crowd of people going along with the illusion and pretending to see what isn’t there, we must have the courage to share what we see.

We must go forth and co-create a world built not on, “Follow the Money”, but built on “Follow the Light” where denial is no longer a way of coping with what we don’t want to see in this life.

May we all dwell in beauty, bounty, blessings, and aloha.

Samarah Gabriel Grace

View Image Samarah
View Image Message from Mother Mary
My Dear Beloved Ones,

I would speak to you this day of alchemy. You are in a time that requires you to remember what in this life many of you have forgotten. You have the ability to bend time and space. You have remedies and miracles available to you. What is difficult is that many have tried to use this precious gift in solely material ways.

Soul alchemy must always ask for the greatest light and the highest good for all beings.

View Image Innocence of ChildSoul alchemy requires the innocence of the child within you, trusting that once you have aligned yourself with this energy of supreme joy, there can be no other outcome. Do not ask for things. Do not ask for certain outcomes or results. This disparages and dissolves the holy light that is waiting for your sacred offering. If you see a picture of a child starving, what is it that you would offer? Ask that the hearts and minds of all beings be awakened to this suffering and rise up to shift the energy that allows it.

If you are hurting because someone has disappointed you or betrayed you or left you for another, ask that they be showered in light and that your heart be lifted asking that this, too, may somehow serve the greatest good.

View Image AlchemyIf you are idle or bored or without passion, know that your light and your love are being held captive by some belief that you are impotent to change your life. Vow to change such a thought into the knowing that I AM a creator and I AM part of the Universal Field of Divine Thought and Intention and I can rise up and offer my love to myself and to all beings. Ask that you be shown in your mind’s eye and in your heart the person or group or cause or country for which you can become an emissary of light. Then, do not hesitate, begin to send light and love and healing. Alchemy requires your participation and your willingness and your trust.

Bondage is much like erosion. Each time you allow another ill to go unchallenged, you bind yourself in a cocoon of forgetfulness and malaise. It is time to awaken and restore your being and be the presence of light you have come here to be. Alchemy dear ones, alchemy. Say aloud, “I now become the alchemist in this life, lifting all that has been in darkness into the light.

Much will change as you participate in this holy endeavor. Gather with others, share your energies in ways that lift this life for all of you. Alchemy dear ones, be the alchemy and watch as the world shifts into light and you as a happy and joyful dancer in this new dance.

It is time and I am with you.

Mother Mary through Samarah

Summer Workshops

White Star Manna Reiki

White Star Manna Reiki

What new glory might we each embody if we activate our Soul Star Chakra
and invite the Star Energies to Transform and Transmute our cells?

White Star Manna Reiki is the latest offering given to Samarah by the Ascended Masters and Star Beings. Building on the foundation of Usui Reiki which activates the light body and allows for the transmission of light; Manna Reiki deepens the alignment of your head, heart and hands, through the energies of Mother Mary and Archangels Michael and Metatron.

Until now, the Star Body alignment has only been offered as a 1-1 experience. This new workshop allows for the Star Connection to be made, infusing the Reiki filled light body with the Star Energies as the Soul Star Chakra is opened.

The weekend event combines practices and experiences with messages and attunements and will be held:

Erin, Canada  (Near Toronto)
September 5th-6th, 2015

Contact Jill Rogers
jillprogers@gmail.com  or 519-833-0851

Newburyport, MA (Near Boston)
September 12th-13th, 2015

Contact Dee Furciniti
dmfurciniti@yahoo.com or 978-302-5336

The tuition for the weekend Saturday 10a-5p and Sunday 10a-3p is $333.
(Payment plans and Paypal available)


We will be creating an altar so bring crystals or sacred objects that you want to have bathed in the energies. A journal to record your experiences is also recommended as so much happens during a weekend like this.

For more information, write to Samarah at samarahgrace1111@gmail.com.

Class Participants
January White Star Manna Reiki group celebrating
at a sacred site in the Sedona area

One testimonial from a January participant:

As a recovering psychologist, student of metaphysics, and passionate seeker of spiritual truth I have attended my fair share of workshops.

Samarah’s workshops are pure magic and in a class by themselves.

Everything flows with the effortless grace and perfection that defines her .Not only because she is so gifted that she could read the phone book and have it be a deeply mystical experience-but also because the people she attracts have absolute integrity, generosity of spirit, are gifted healers in their own right and a joy to be with.

The combo platter is amazing. . You will walk in and fly out. So please give yourself this gift. GO! I promise you – you will be grateful.

~Respectfully Barbara Glazier-Robinson PhD

Awaken and Activate your Soul Alchemist

If you are ready to be an Alchemist and would like some assistance, you can arrange a Private Session with Samarah and the Star Beings. Together they can assist you in emerging and activating your Soul Alchemist. Single Session $144 or sign up for four sessions for $444 to have ongoing assistance… *Just change the quantity to 4 and our shopping cart will give you the discount. Each session is 55 minutes.


Vie Image Let Go of Baggage

August Special

Personal Session with Samarah,
Mother Mary and the Masters:

If you have always wanted a session with Mother Mary and have hesitated due to the cost or simply weren’t sure what it might be like, for the month of August I am offering Mini Sessions (10-15 minutes) for $22… just email me your contact information and I will schedule your session and you can experience the laughter, wisdom and peace of Mother Mary and perhaps get one or two pressing questions answered!

Offered with Love & Blessings
From Samarah Gabriel Grace

View image Love and Blessings


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